Lttle Man “A” is 6 months old !!

“A” has grown so much since I last photographed him, and he is so squeezable !!! He is a doll baby and so loved by his mommy and daddy,,,


A Beautiful Fall day with my sweet friends

I always have fun with these guys, I just love all of my church friends !!! We had lots of  fun on a  beautiful Fall day ..Love you guys. Enjoy the sneak peek

The wonderful “G” Family

I LOVE this family. We always have so much fun with them. I had a great time spending some time with them and their adorable little blonde babies. Hope you love these. L

Awesome Couple

I had  the privilege to photograph “A” and “J” special day. They are so sweet with each other and it was so awesome seeing how much love they had for

each other. Here is your sneak peek. I’ll have your gallery up very soon.

Mr. “B” is turning 1

Talk about squeezable !!! “B” is a baby doll !!! He has beautiful Big Blue eyes and sweet cheeks.. Happy Birthday

Waiting on Mr. “M”

I was so happy to photograph “D” and “J” and their soon arrival of Mr. “M”. I love the way they look at each other and they will make wonderful parents

“D” is a senior

I have Known D ever since he has been in this world. He has grown into such a kind, thoughtful, Godly young Man. His parents have really done a great job raising him. I’m excited to see what the future holds for him.

Senior Days

I cannot believe “J” is going to be a Senior. I can remember her as a little girl. She has grown into a Beautiful young lady. I had so much fun with her and her friends and her super fun mom. I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek, and I will have your gallery ready soon !!!

Little Man and His Mommy


I had so much fun hanging out with “K”, Little Man “I” and Little Miss “A”. I loved the property, so peaceful and large areas to run and play. It was such a pleasure to spend time with you !! I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek.

Blessed Couple








I had so much fun photographing “H” and “B” at a beautiful location. What an awesome couple they are. Both of them could model for a living. The most important thing about “H” and B” is that they are trusting the Lord to Bless this marriage. I am so excited for you both. I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peeks